We are a leading architecture practice focused on the concept, consultancy and design of architectural projects, interior design and construction.

Designing efficient and comfortable spaces. Learning to work differently. Smartworking is our strategic consultancy service.


The Gee-Bee was a small speed plane that beat other bigger and more powerful planes in the well-known American Thompson Trophy in 1930. In the Gee Bee we find similarities to our philosophy and working values. On one hand, our motivation, creativity and passion for our work are the engine that drive us to succeed in any project. On the other hand, our flexible and well merged structure let us to react fast and effectively allowing us to compete with the bigger companies of our industry. This is our mantra and we named it Gee- Bee, an idea that we all share and follow daily allowing us to fly as high as we aim for.


We offer strategic consultancy for companies that need to include different innovative systems to balance their corporative culture (Values and workflows) with their spaces and technologies.

We define it as SMARTWORKING: Learning how to work differently, more efficiently and having the infrastructure and technology that suit your needs. This way we can optimise working spaces, increasing productivity and avoiding down times by ensuring measurable results in using fair and necessary capacities of the company every time.

Our architectural projects seek bespoke solutions to the client’s needs. Our goal is to reach the highest level of detail, sensitivity, innovation and design; aiming to build exciting and functional spaces.

We have a great social responsibility, therefore all our projects are developed based onthe greatest respect to the environment. Ubicca is LEED® Member since 2011 and one of the few companies today in Spain that has certified projects to LEED® requirements.

We believe in efficient, effective and inspiring spaces. Our multidisciplinary team of architects and designers allows us to provide a 360 service from early concept stages, right through to handover.

As part of the process, our design team creates concept floor plans, sketches, mood boards, visualisations and 3D models of the future space.

Our construction team involves architects, engineers, project managers, quantity surveyors, document controllers and site managers adding value to the process and ensuring each project meets the budget, time and quality desired.

We named it “Advanced Site Management” because is not just about building, butbuilding at the highest standard of quality; providing VFM and innovative solutions in each phase of the project. Planning and control are a must in this type of process where dozens of suppliers and people are involved. Our wide experience helps us to define the most critical tasks on site and manage them accordingly.


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The unique process that make us different

It´s very common that architecture practices restrict their work to the design of a space. This practice results in two unpleasant scenarios. On one hand, the WOW Factor architecture, far from the user´s reality and on the other hand, generic architecture; copying and pasting the same models whilst not considering the client’s needs.

Ubicca´s ambition is not just about space planning, although necessary. The space is not only our final goal, the space has a function for us: To allow the interactions within it.


SMARTWORKING means working as a team using different collaborativetechniques of proven efficiency that come from multiple innovative sectors. With these techniques we address the needs, ideas, solutions, and all the information that we need to place ourselves in our client´s shoes; working with empathy and closeness.


SMARTWORKING also means going from individual to collective. Even though we start from a personal interaction, we can´t forget the global interest in a sustainable and responsible way of building, respecting the environment and the people living in the areas we work in.


We work for people and therefore we start the project from the employee.


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