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Ubicca will once again donate Christmas gift money to various NGOs.

#THISYEARYOUAREGIFTLESS. Christmas is coming and the year 2021 is once again complicated for many families, as the consequences of the health crisis continue to linger.

Last year, at Ubicca we decided to donate the money we invested to make a gesture to all our customers and friends to two NGOs, in order to collaborate with their activities, aimed at the most vulnerable people.

We did so with Cáritas Madrid, which allocated our donation entirely to the Comedores-Economato activity, so that many of the people they serve through this service could benefit; and with the NGO Nadie Solo, helping them to raise the funds they need to be able to move forward with the organisation of volunteers who accompany the elderly people at home.

According to data from the latter organisation, our contribution has directly financed 94 hours of accompaniment, helping to alleviate the unwanted loneliness of elderly people living alone, who are accompanied every week for 2 hours.

This year we are doing the same thing again and, as well as continuing to collaborate with these two magnificent causes, we are joining Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer, to do a little bit for the research programmes aimed at fighting this disease.

At Ubicca we believe that this is the best gift, because in this way we help those who need us most: families, the elderly people and people who are ill.

This is what the true Christmas spirit is all about.


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