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Ubicca designs and builds GS Inima’s headquarters in Madrid

We have designed and executed from Ubicca the headquarters of GS Inima in Madrid, located in La Florida.

The building has the main access from the communications core directly to its center, where the most public spaces are located (reception, coffee room, multipurpose room…).

On each side of the core, there are two longitudinal sides in which all the work areas are arranged, taking advantage of the fact that the entire perimeter is illuminated and leaving the central area on each side for the meeting rooms and areas.

Separate “neighborhoods”

Therefore, we created two longitudinal and transverse filters that delimit the work and meeting spaces, generating a series of separate “neighborhoods” that may have different isolation needs.

Besides, the transversal filters act as formal elements that accommodate the archiving the needs of the office; and the longitudinal filters provide the office with the necessary small-scale program (reprographics, storage, concentration and collaboration spaces).

GS Inima, a sustainable company

GS Inima Environment is the GS E&C company specialized in Environmental activities associated with the integral water cycle.

It acts in all phases of the projects in which it participates: Design, Technology, Construction, Financing, Operation and Maintenance and develops its activity in both the public and private markets.

It represents a benchmark in environmental technology, incorporating the most advanced technologies and investing in research and development, paying special attention to the environmental integration of its designs, saving energy consumption and reducing atmospheric emissions.

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