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“Corporate headquarters will tend to communicate much more of their values.”

The general manager of Ubicca, José Luis Bescansa Lasuén, believes that “the spaces of corporate headquarters will tend to transmit much more the values of the companies”. This was his opinion in an interview with Onda Cero on the adaptation of work spaces to the new work habits imposed by the sanitary crisis.

In this sense, Bescansa highlights that “trying to feed the pride of belonging”, in spite of the fact that teleworking will have as a consequence a renunciation of a percentage of square meters, the shared space “will be of higher quality”.

Adecco Report

Before the pandemic, according to a report by Adecco, only 5% of Spanish workers teleworked. At the height of the first wave of the pandemic, this figure rose to 35%. Currently, 14% of the employed carry out their work remotely.

These numbers are much lower than those of our European neighbors, especially in the northern countries. The European Union average is 21.5%, although there are countries such as Sweden and Holland that exceed 40%.

Almost three million Spaniards telework, at least occasionally. This reality has made it necessary to change the concept of space. Offices have to adapt to the new reality.

In this context, the general manager of Ubicca explains that there is going to be a renunciation of a percentage of square meters of workspaces in favor of making the working day more flexible. However, “the meters that will be physically applied in the corporate headquarters will be of higher quality”.

Sedes corporativas
Detail of Reale Seguros’ corporate headquarters

In other words, “trying to nurture the pride of belonging, the days we are going to be living with our colleagues in the office, we will want to have an office where employees, customers and suppliers all participate in a space that transmits the company’s values in a much stronger way than we have seen in corporate headquarters so far”.

Everything points to the fact that in Spain, in the short term, the hybrid model will prevail among workers. Almost half of them will go to the office on some days and stay at home on others.

This work flexibility will lead to a reduction of physical space in the workplace for 53% of large companies.

Here you can listen to the news on Onda Cero:


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