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“We need to recover physical coexistence in the workspace.”

Workspaces. The Ubicca team is starting September by returning to the office in a presential way. “We need to recover the physical coexistence in the workspace,” says our CEO, José Luis Bescansa.

In statements to Onda Cero, Bescansa explains that the vast majority of companies are considering a return to the office between September 1st and 15th, since a high percentage of the population is protected by vaccination.

This situation will lead to a physical reunion between many employees who have spent a year and a half without interaction and “this will have a very positive effect from a human point of view, because of the necessity of physical contact”.

The CEO of Ubicca points out that there are studies that are showing that the lack of physical contact or the excess of virtuality even generates cognitive deterioration, so most workers will be grateful for the return to face-to-face work, “although teleworking is here to stay”.

Workspaces. Hybrid model

In this sense, Bescansa bets for hybrid spaces. A model in which Ubicca has been working throughout the pandemic, adapting the offices to the situation caused by this crisis, where the health issue is taking a lot of importance.

Physical separation, less concentration of people in common spaces (meeting rooms, dining room…) and tools for teleworking, are some of the premises in the new office models.

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