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José Luis Bescansa: “We are a different model from the traditional architectural studio”.

Our CEO, José Luis Bescansa Lasuén, affirms that Ubicca is “a different model from the traditional architectural studio”.

He explains this in an interview as part of the Espacio Aretha initiative “A coffee with…”, which Bescansa inaugurated, and which aims to be a set of professional experiences, through a fluid dialogue with architects, interior designers, designers, urban planners, engineers, economists, etc.

Therefore, the CEO of Ubicca analyzes the role of the architect today, facing the client’s demand for a consulting service based on active listening to the real needs, with sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Customer service vocation

In this sense, José Luis Bescansa explains that the objective of Ubicca when it was created in 2004 “has always been to go for a model in which the architect is left out, giving space to the client”. A model that involves listening to the client and landing economically and technically viable proposals, aligned with the value proposition of each client.

“We have a very important customer service vocation. We accompany them from the beginning to the end of the project,” he says.

With this philosophy of placing the client at the center, at Ubicca the first step is to “interview him, listen to him a lot and have a critical spirit with ourselves and with him”.

A philosophy that Ubicca shares with Aretha, “a partner with whom we know we never fail”.

Post Covid workspaces

José Luis Bescansa also reflects in this interview with Espacio Aretha on the transformation process that workspaces are undergoing, betting on higher quality spaces, where sustainability stands as a fundamental factor.

“I believe that offices will have fewer square meters, but there will be a re-investment to create spaces of higher quality and that generate a greater pride of belonging.”


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