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We celebrate our 15th anniversary opening our new offices in Madrid

We have celebrated our 15th anniversary opening our new offices in Madrid, at Max Aub, 5 street in a two-storey building with direct access from the street, located in a quiet area with a lot of vegetation.

The project, designed and executed by our own studio, a reference in the market as an office design company, was based on taking advantage of the strong points of the premises, of 266 square meters, such as natural lighting or cross ventilation.

Therefore, the work space is located on the top floor, quieter, more open and bright.

On the ground floor, which is more public, different meeting and leisure spaces are concatenated with different materials and personalities, within a sober and functional general image.

Each of the spaces invites to an activity favoured by its shape and dimension, always different.

The inauguration of Ubicca’s new offices took place on October 24th, in an event that brought together clients, suppliers and friends of this studio, which began its work in 2004.

From its origins Ubicca has gone from being a family business, created by José Luis and Marta Bescansa Lasuén, to become a small big family, as highlighted by José Luis Bescansa, general manager, during his speech at the event.

Bescansa highlighted the team of 40 people who make up Ubicca as the soul of this company, which has gone from making mainly stands and renovations to become a global company of transformation of spaces, with consulting services, architecture, engineering, construction, change management or user-experience, among other things.

But, above all, in Ubicca we are architects who are dedicated to the conceptualization, consulting and design of architectural projects, interior design and construction.


At Ubicca we design the most comfortable and efficient environments offering strategic advisory and consulting services for companies that need to include different innovation models to balance their corporate culture (values and work methods) with their spaces and technology.

This is what we define as SMARTWORKING: learning to work differently, more intelligently, having the infrastructure and the most appropriate technology at all times.

In this way, Ubicca’s ambition is not reduced to planning spaces. Space is not the ultimate goal, but it also has a function: to facilitate the interactions that take place in it.

Thank you for sharing these 15 years with us!


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