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Co-living, the new residential trend

Since we were kids we were taught that sharing is living. And this is precisely the leitmotiv from which Co-living exists, the new social and working tendency very present in architecture. In Ubicca we usually take the first steps focusing on people, because “if you don’t start the house with the person, you start it with the roof”. And Co-living has a lot to do with all this.

First of all, this new concept and phenomenon is rooted in Coworking and arises in the working and residential world. It’s implemented in the workplace where people and work relationships coexist and promotes the exchange of experiences and sustainability.

As with many current trends, the origin of Co-living started in the most famous geek enclave. Silicon Valley gave birth to this concept. Companies began to offer a place to live in addition to the job. They wanted to create a space where ideas and professional projects flowed.

The Ubicca team, having as a reference this leap in the creation of new spaces and new ways of living, embarked on a new project. A housing project located in Barcelona and Tarragona under this format of coexistence and design. Although it’s still in the execution phase, here are some details of this project.

This is a project to rehabilitate two buildings for the new student residence following the trend of Co-living. The buildings have apartments perfectly equipped for the coexistence of 4 people. They are equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen and a study area. The ground floor is dedicated to the common areas and has a gym, library, cinema, laundry, common room, electric bicycles and a music studio. These are areas dedicated to leisure and designed to promote cultural activities. For example, introducing film sessions, reading area, musical instruments, sport, eco transport etc.

proyecto coliving

Co-living has people in mind and therefore social interaction is vitally important within this disposition and concept. Furthermore, it should be added that, in these social spaces, knowledge comes together with ideas and the creation of synergies between all people living in these Co-living buildings.

Although we can’t tell you much for now, very soon we’ll tell you more about this imminent project. The plan we are carrying out follows the evolution of the student residence boom in Europe.  The need to share common areas and hobbies following the evolution of coworking, but extrapolated to the housing sector and encouraging interactivity with others.

Perhaps this new model of housing and lifestyle will be installed in Spain little by little. In any case, we thank Coworking for opening the way to new forms of coexistence.



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