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Antipode, new fusion restaurant in Chamberí

Antipode is defined as “the place that seeks a balance between new and good, making gastronomy, music and atmosphere make you feel at home”. Preserving that essence of closeness is precisely what we have tried to convey in Antípode. To turn this space into a cosy restaurant that offers surprises from breakfast to dinner.

Antipode is a restaurant that extends about 500 square meters and has three very bright spaces. From Ubicca, we wanted to transmit the sensation of light impregnated by nature and the vegetation that expands through these three differentiated spaces.

Defined as a fusion restaurant between Spain and its antipode, Australia, Antipode is located in Chamberí, one of the most madrilenian neighborhoods. San Bernardo Street, 106 is waiting for you to taste its menu, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner and even a drink afterwards.

It’s one of the new projects that joins us the year we celebrate 15 years with an amazing team of architects, designers and people who turn all our work into a success. We are going to continue building ideas and making them a reality!

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