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We turn 15!

In April 2004, with hardly any resources but full of enthusiasm, we started a dream called Ubicca, which today has become a benchmark in the business, with more passion, dedication and desire to grow than ever before.

We gave our first steps as a small company whose objective was to “make offices”, nothing to do with what we are today: an architecture and interior design studio that has developed – and develops – very diverse projects, from offices, homes, retails, hotels, coworkings, restaurants, clinics … and so on.

We work from the conceptualization of the creative idea to the construction, going through the development of a careful design that provides detailed solutions. This way, and with small but solid steps we’ve become a global company that has been able to work for some of the most relevant companies, both spanish and multinational, always thinking about taking the next leap.

“My greatest satisfaction in this time is having grown our “family” to almost 40 people,” says Ubicca’s architect and general manager, José Luis Bescansa.

Our philosophy? Passion for our work, the constant motivation to successfully face any type of project and a cohesive and flexible work team, able to coordinate an effective response. That allows us to compete with large structures in our sector. We keep on growing!

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