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Intense spaciousness in just a few meters

Design and renovation of an apartment in Madrid. Ubicca made the design and renovation of this house. An apartment that was abandoned, inside a small corrala in the Bellas Vistas neighborhood of Madrid. This space was built in 1951 for the use of a public school.

Ubicca’s architect Luis Benito designed the interior renovation. This is his private home.

Diseño y reforma vivienda Madrid

Original elements

From the beginning, the idea was to achieve a modern apartment, articulated with original elements of the building. Elements that give it a strong identity and that could not be ignored. The wooden structure, with its beams and pillars; or a solid face brick wall, original from the 50’s and that was discovered at the beginning of the work.

Diseño y reforma vivienda Madrid

Light was the fundamental ingredient in the whole project. There were two facades, south and north, with windows on both. So it was decided to empty the entire house to its maximum expression, concentrating its uses in a single space.

Interior design

Finally, the interior design is deeply linked to the Nordic world. Warmth has been worked through wood in architectural elements and even the furniture itself. In addition, a complete study of decorative lighting was carried out along the same lines, offering specific solutions for each corner of the house.

Diseño y reforma piso Madrid

In summary, we can say that the open spaces, the connection of natural light and a special interior design, sum of original elements and Nordic style, have made this reform a small project, but of intense spaciousness.

Diseño y reforma piso Madrid

Diseño y reforma piso Madrid


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